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2FA isn’t as scary to implement as you think, and I’ll prove it to you in 3 steps.

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Two Factor Authentication (2FA) is a second layer of account protection, which I highly recommend everyone should enable. Unlike the traditional username/password, 2FA requires the user to enter an additional piece of information related to something personal. For example, the most well-known form of 2FA requires an end-user to answer a security question. If the end-user is the one who set-up the security question, they should have no problem answering the question. The security question could be: What’s your mothers maiden name? What was the name of your first pet? What the name of your hometown?

A breakdown of the concepts to get started on this mighty analytical search engine.

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Elasticsearch is a distributed, scalable analytical search engine that supports complex aggregations for unstructured data.

Stop asking us to hack your exes' Facebook account.

I grow weary addressing the mountain of questions and comments as a software developer. Most of the questions and comments don’t make sense because they‘re grounded in stereotypes.

Hey Landy, are you related to Bart Simpson?

Hey Landy, how many donuts does your dad eat?

Hey Landy …

After 26 years of poorly made jokes, insults, and puns, it’s thrilling and warming for someone to ask, “Hey Landy, who are you?”

It’s hard to function when your body and mind feel on the verge of shutting down. Here are my tips for getting through this unrelenting burnout season.

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This year has put everyone’s mental and physical health to the test, including yours truly. There’s the ongoing pandemic, the Black Lives Matter (BLM) movement, the 2020 American elections, the End Sars movement; the list goes on. This year, I’ve dealt with an assortment of health issues, which became incredibly hard to deal with once quarantine reduced the number of available health services. Between trying to manage my mental health, physical health and working from within these four walls formerly known as my bedroom — I’m exhausted.

We're at a point where we need to start reimagining what marriage, families and happily ever after's look like to us. We've been conditioned to believe that the order of events are: Marriage > Kids > Retirement

It's remarkable that the African-American story is so similar to the Afro-Carribbean story. My mother had the same issues growing up. My grandmother abandoned her (at the age of 6) with abusive family members, and left for England. Not once looking back. My mother grew up telling herself

A great package to enable FaceID and TouchID authentication is expo-local-authentication. This package also works for ejected react-native projects (bare react-native projects).


expo install expo-local-authentication


Usually, an onPress event triggers enables biometric. So we can attach an event handler function that will check for the following:

  1. Hardware Compatibility
  2. Biometric Enrollment Availability
  3. Authentication

To start, I created a function in a utilities /utils folder, in the directory of my react-native project.

You must carry a mustard seed of faith.

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About one year ago, I started my Medium page, and my first article was “The Truth is I’m a Black Woman.”

In the unholy morning hours, my mind anxiously raced. I was frustrated, tired, hurt, and confused. I had countless words to say but not a single soul to tell them to, and so, I picked up my laptop and started typing.

The word ‘lazy’ impairs our ability to understand people

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When I was younger, I was never great at setting goals and working toward them. I called myself lazy because I became disinterested in my goals and opted to lie in bed. But, what is laziness? Is it not showing up for work? Is it feeling fatigued or sluggish? Is it feeling melancholy?

The Oxford Dictionary defines lazy as “unwilling to work or use energy,” but it doesn’t delve into what causes the unwillingness. It umbrella’s a plethora of mental health issues and, therefore, impairs our ability to understand and support people.

Calling people lazy reflects our unwillingness to do…


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