2FA isn’t as scary to implement as you think, and I’ll prove it to you in 3 steps.

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Two Factor Authentication (2FA) is a second layer of account protection, which I highly recommend everyone should enable. Unlike the traditional username/password, 2FA requires the user to enter an additional piece of information related to something personal. For example, the most well-known form of 2FA requires an end-user to answer a security question. If the end-user is the one who set-up the security question, they should have no problem answering the question. The security question could be: What’s your mothers maiden name? What was the name of your first pet? What the name of your hometown?

The most recent forms…

A breakdown of the concepts to get started on this mighty analytical search engine.

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Elasticsearch is a distributed, scalable analytical search engine that supports complex aggregations for unstructured data.

Akin to NoSQL data stores, Elasticsearch is built to handle unstructured data formats and dynamically determine fields’ data types. Its primary data format is JSON (Javascript Object Notation) documents. JSON’s schema-less format allows for flexible data storage and ease of adding data without managing or creating relations.

However, Elasticsearch isn’t necessarily interchangeable to NoSQL databases. Elasticsearch differs from NoSQL databases and has its own set of limitations. For example, Elasticsearch distributed system adds a layer of complexity when performing transactions. …

Stop asking us to hack your exes' Facebook account.

I grow weary addressing the mountain of questions and comments as a software developer. Most of the questions and comments don’t make sense because they‘re grounded in stereotypes.

What we learn and what we do takes a lot of time, energy, and dedication. Our profession is no different than the other hard-working professions out there. And what people tend to forget is, developers are people too. We have our own lives, and we have boundaries. Unfortunately, some people like to cross those boundaries.

So here are some things you should stop saying to every developer you meet. …

Hey Landy, are you related to Bart Simpson?

Hey Landy, how many donuts does your dad eat?

Hey Landy, your name rhymes with Candy!

Hey Landy, your middle name is pretty rachet …

Hey Landy …

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After 26 years of poorly made jokes, insults, and puns, it’s thrilling and warming for someone to ask, “Hey Landy, who are you?”

I’m a 26 years old, single, Afro-Caribbean Canadian woman. I grew up in Toronto, Ontario, in a low-income Jamaican family. I’m also an only child in Canada, but I have half-brothers living in Jamaica. …

It’s hard to function when your body and mind feel on the verge of shutting down. Here are my tips for getting through this unrelenting burnout season.

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This year has put everyone’s mental and physical health to the test, including yours truly. There’s the ongoing pandemic, the Black Lives Matter (BLM) movement, the 2020 American elections, the End Sars movement; the list goes on. This year, I’ve dealt with an assortment of health issues, which became incredibly hard to deal with once quarantine reduced the number of available health services. Between trying to manage my mental health, physical health and working from within these four walls formerly known as my bedroom — I’m exhausted.

No, in fact, I am BURNT OUT, and I know I’m not the…

The word ‘lazy’ impairs our ability to understand people

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When I was younger, I was never great at setting goals and working toward them. I called myself lazy because I became disinterested in my goals and opted to lie in bed. But, what is laziness? Is it not showing up for work? Is it feeling fatigued or sluggish? Is it feeling melancholy?

The Oxford Dictionary defines lazy as “unwilling to work or use energy,” but it doesn’t delve into what causes the unwillingness. It umbrella’s a plethora of mental health issues and, therefore, impairs our ability to understand and support people.

Calling people lazy reflects our unwillingness to do…

If you needed an excuse to treat yourself, then today is your day.

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Society monetizes off our desire to be loved and give love. We spend hundreds of dollars on balloons, flowers, jewelry, toys, and chocolate to express love to others on Valentines Day. But, what have you bought today to express love to yourself?

Furthermore, this holiday attracts the most miserable people who feel inclined to express their misery on social media. Within the midst of that misery, we often hear, “Valentines Day is overrated.” And although I agree there’s an overrated aspect of this materialistic, overly commercialized, capitalistic holiday, we can still make fair use of the day.

If you believe…

A rundown of analytical concepts to get started with optimizing search functionality using this mighty engine.

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Elasticsearch is a distributed, scalable analytical search engine that supports complex aggregations of unstructured data. It’s a free, open-source infrastructure built on Apache Lucene, a Java search engine library.

The robust, encapsulated architecture makes it easy to horizontally scale and manage different parts of the system. Akin to NoSQL datastores, Elasticsearch’s primary data format is JSON (Javascript Object Notation), which allows for flexible data storage. In this article, I want to discuss how Elasticsearch improves search functionality.

Often, we opt to develop a naive implementation of search in practice, where we iterate over datasets for data that matches the user's…

Sometimes, words cannot express the heart's emotion, so I throw in a meme now and then.

I’m increasingly growing bored of the online dating scene. Most of the time, my matches are rude, disgusting, disrespectful, or not my cup of tea. However, once a blue moon, a match manages to keep me engaged long enough for me to believe in dating again.

This year, I don’t have the capacity to neither argue with people nor resist the urge of roasting someone. So I’m clapping back to my matches using memes.

Memes are a perfect way to express yourself, whether you’re sad, disappointed, disgusted, or excited!

So what better way of dropping the mic than dropping a…

Don’t underestimate the cost of small upgrades.

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The COVID-19 response introduced new work from home policies in 2020, and for many people, personal spaces have become working spaces. According to Statistics Canada, approximately 2.4 million Canadians worked from home as a response to the pandemic in 2020; that’s 2.4 million people who never typically work from home. The abrupt transition left many people, like yours truly, with spaces unoptimized for working from home. And unfortunately, many companies are not compensating workers for home office upgrades. Upgrading your workspace is an expensive task and a risky task when there’s no guarantee when one will return to work.



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